Grille Guards

Even the gangstas know how important a strong grille is, There are a number of obstacles that come in front of our trucks, whether it is an elk, deer or other wildlife, or a hit and run you need to assist the cops in catching, a grille guard is going to be a key element in protecting your truck. Grille guards can be all look and not much work, but others are made by serious companies like Ranch hand and Warn, These are not the “look at my grille guard, I’m so tough.” more they are the style that says “I’m strong enough to winch your mom up a mountain.” The important thing is that they actually stand behind their products.

One of the most common failures is bending, thinner walled tubing can be used to look as strong as the tough guys, but grille guards made out of thinner walled tubing is going to bend and break under stress. If you are putting a grille guard on a pickup, you need to know that it will do what you need it to. Most guys put a grille guard on a truck that is going to see some work, and maybe an elk, or…. Maybe a honda civic that thinks you can stop that 35’ gooseneck loaded with cable spools, you’re towing as quickly as he can. Either way you are going to need something to protect your truck and not fold like that big dude you cleaned out last week at poker night.

That is why picking the right grille guard is a critical and important decision. We work with only the best brands that are going to get the job done for you, and if you can’t find one you like that will fit your truck, we’ll make it. That’s right, custom order to spec however you need it built. If you need a grille guard to mount a winch to and climb the Hoover dam, or need a grille guard strong enough to have a stare down with Chuck Norris himself, we’ll get it built. If you are in the market for a grille guard make sure you give us a call, so we can get you all squared away, even if we have to make it ourselves, we will guard your grille because this truck, and those in it, we will defend.