Utah Fender Flares & Mud Flaps

Fender flares can make or break a rigs look, and performance. Running oversized tires without flares can even get you into trouble with the police…. And that’s always a bad day. In most states fender flares and mud flaps are required. So we stock several fender flares that bolt up to your rig and make it look like an over-oiled Arnold during a lifting competition. Adding flares will beef up the look of your rig, and protect your paint from the rocks your tires are throwing around like a two-year-old on a temper tantrum. On top of getting those tires under some stout rules, fender flares will also play an important role in the trees. No we are not talking about Romeo and Juliet.

When your rig is lifted and running wider offset tires and axles than the factory designed it for, (what do they know anyway??) trees can actually get in between the vehicle and the tire. This type of hang up is the equivalent of being hung up on the side of 2000 LB bull at the local rodeo. However, instead of being behind some dude with a hat so big, it rivals Saturn, you may find yourself running from Sasquatch on foot because you pissed him off thinking your rig was cool enough to get you out of the woods. So instead of getting thrashed and bashed, the right set of steel fender flares will help guide the trees and other obstacles around the outside of that temper tantrum tire, and you will carry on smartly down the trail.

So you drive something cooler than a Jeep, but no one makes fender flares for it. Well we can do that too. We stock several sizes of tube in stock, anc can make fender flares to fit your rig. We also have flares available for several of the popular non-Jeep options such as Toyota’s Suzuki’s, and Nissan’s. Give us a call today and let’s get you set up the right way so neither Bigfoot, or the cops will stop you in your tracks.