Custom Wiring for Cars, Crawlers, & Trucks

Wiring is something we really love to do. I know we are so weird for saying that, but it’s true. There are a few things that need to be understood about wiring up a rig. A lot of people skip the planning process and go straight for adding wires at random. This can leave a rig looking like Shelob has made herself at home in your engine bay. Things that need to be considered go from the Alternator, Batteries (yes plural in some cases), and everything else in between them and the electrical ground.

While we may not have a shiny little bottle, we do have a short guy who can take care nasty spider web electrical messes, Mr Frodo. Our Samwise will clean up your rig and make those 55” curved light bars shine like they are supposed to, so you can keep climbing that volcano even at night. We can add components like; relay boxes, fuse boxes, switches, and computers. This will make your rig lighten up and be a bit more pleasant to be around, unlike some untrustworthy creatures who are obsessed with a small round piece of gold.

We can take care of engine swap wiring as well as accessory wiring. Getting the engine running may be a bit more important than adding a stout stereo system and some lights, but you do need to be able to signal the giant eagles when your mission is accomplished. And as a plus, your rig will not be as likely to burn up… unlike Gollum. So if you have any wiring needs let us take care of them today so you can have Samwise like dependability from your rig.

We have seen a lot of wiring mistakes, primarily too small of load wires, that are not fused or relayed. Adding relays is one of the best ways