Axle Swap: Utah County’s #1 Mechanic

Axle swapping a rig is a serious upgrade, making your daily driver more stable and capable off-road. Many of today’s best 4X4’s are IFS or do not come from the factory with very strong front ends. One of the best upgrades you can do to your rig is to SAS it. Adding a Solid axle can increase ground clearance, add strength, and add width if you are looking to get a wider track width. We provide full turnkey axle swaps in several combinations, or if you just need help in one area, we can take care of whatever your axle swapping needs are.

So if you are ready to take your rig to the next level (literally lifting a solid axle rig is way easier than lifting an IFS rig) give us a call today, and let’s get rollin’!

Some of the more common swaps we see are listed below.

Dana 44: This is a great axle that is available in various widths and lug patterns. This axle has a lot of aftermarket support. While this axle is smaller and weaker than a Dana 60, it is cheap and plentiful in junkyards, and used cars. The aftermarket has accessories available to make this axle extremely reliable. This axle is a great choice for an intermediate rig that is running 37” tires or less.

Dana 60: Similar to the Dana 44, just bigger and better this axle is a lot more serious. The Dana 60 also has a great aftermarket support and can be heavily modified to fit your application. The most sought-after D60 is a kingpin, especially if it has a High Pinion (HP) housing. Kingpins replace the ball joints and are considerably stronger than ball joints as well.

609: this is a custom axle that is made by taking a Ford 9” housing and welding/pressing Dana 60 tubes onto it. So the pumpkin (yes that is the technical term for a differential housing) is Ford 9” while the outsides are Dana. This axle is becoming more and more popular because the Ford housing is not cast, so it is safer and easier to weld to in the case of adding trusses or link brackets. There is also more aftermarket support for the 9” than almost any other axle out there, meaning you can set your diff up however you want.

GM 14 bolt: Getting into rear axles, the 14 bolt is a favorite axle, and is insanely strong, boasting a 10.5” ring gear the pumpkin is massive and recommended for turning bigger than 37” tires. Options such as adding disc brakes, and shaving the pumpkin can make this axle very capable on the trail. This axle is also supported by a large range of aftermarket helpers, including hubs to adapt this beast to 5,6 or a different 8 lug pattern than its stock lug pattern.

Toyota Tundra Axle: This axle is a favorite among Toyota fans, they come in a few different ring gear sizes, the strongest of which is a 10.5” ring gear with massive axle shafts, this axle is very beefy. While there is not as much support for this axle in the gizmos and gadgets area, there are the most important things: locking differentials, a fair selection of gears, and an assortment of prefab trusses.