Rhino Linings Utah County

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Not all bedliners are created equally, there are differences in the brands, materials, and even the individual shops will make a huge difference in the final product. Rhino Linings offers the best protection for truck beds, exterior vehicle coatings, toolboxes and anything else you think would be cool to line. The question is: why is Rhino Linings the best product for my application?

There are a few things that make Rhino linings better, some of them are that Rhino Linings is made in house, they offer several different products, and offer a lifetime warranty.

The biggest difference between Rhino Linings and other bedliner companies is that Rhino Linings makes their product in house. This means that we talk to the engineers directly about their products. If changes are necessary, there is no middle ground. As an authorized Rhino Linings dealer, we can access the case studies, technical and safety data sheets, and contact information to resolve product failures, or special applications. Rhino Linings has spent millions of dollars on research and development to stay ahead of the game, while some of the other companies are just using what works, and purchasing materials from an international vendor. Rhino Lining is made and distributed mostly in America, and have been the leader in bedliner tech for over 20 years.

Rhino Linings has several option to choose from for bedliners. The five most common are as follows: Tuffgrip, Hardline, Hybrid, Rhino Extreme, and Solarmax. Tuffgrip is softer and more rubbery like a tire, some say “it’s more like the original Rhino Linings.” Tuffgrip is more susceptible to rips and tears because it is much softer, however it will really grip your cargo. Tuffgrip is designed to eliminate sliding objects in the truck bed, especially during turns. It is also a great sound deadener for the interior of a vehicle, like a jeep tub, for example.

Hardline is very hard and can be brittle, Hardline may be Rhino Linings most affordable bedliners, and is most likely what you will see sprayed at other Rhino linings dealers. There are a few downsides to this product, thought, which is why we rarely spray this particular line.

Hybrid is a great choice for the pocketbook as well, and can be a great product. One of the best things about hybrid is that it is a Rhino liner that is going to look great. It can be sprayed on well even if there are not prime spraying conditions.

Solarmax is very expensive due to its ability to be UV stable.
Rhino Extreme is our top pick of the Rhino Linings products. It can be applied in adverse conditions, is flexible and strong, looks great and performs even better. Rhino Extreme is an amazing product that is resistant to harsh chemicals, is the most durable bed liner available, and looks good while doing it.

We take pride in knowing that our bed liners are the best in the industry, not only against other brands but against other Rhino Linings Dealers as well. Every bed is quality checked to make sure that it is up to thickness, and that the texture is perfect. Your bed will outperform the competition, and last longer when we install our Rhino Linings Premium Bedliner in your pickup.